Air Traffic Control Towers

Lend Lease

Xcel Construction Services were awarded the scaffold contracts to supply scaffolding for the modernisation and complete rebuild of the air traffic control towers at the Amberley and Oakey defence bases in 2017 and 2018. Xcel Construction Services management and design team put forward a scaffold design concept to our client Lend Lease. Lend lease engaged Xcel Construction Services to erect approx 450 tonne of scaffold for each defence base Control tower consisting of a scaffold 15 vertical metre bird cage scaffold for Oakey and a 17 vertical metre bird cage scaffold for Amberley. With a complete scaffold perimeter wrap around the cylindrical air traffic control cabin which was 14 vertical metres in height, each tower had 3 scaffold loading bays and a stretcher stair that serviced the birdcage crash deck and the cabin scaffold.

Lend Lease site team on both projects have expressed there gratitude and appreciation of a job well down.

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