Values and Safety

X-Cel Construction Services Pty Ltd values safety and will-being for both our staff and clients.

With utmost diligence we honour and practice our values by:

• Adhering to code of practice: AS/NZS 4576-1995
• Workplace Health and Safety Act 2011
• Ensuring current certificate or currencies

◊ Public Liability Insurance ◊ Work Cover Qld ◊ Vehicle Insurance

Regularly and actively update Work, Health and Safety skills

X-Cel Construction Services Py Ltd recognises the importance of developing and maintaining appropriate workplace health and safety conditions and ensuring such standards are kept under constant review. The goal can be best achieved through a co-operative approach and the joint involvement of management and employees.

We comply with our obligations pursuant to the Workplace Health and Safety Act 2011 along with the Scaffolding Code of Practice 2009 to provide a framework whereby the company can encourage and assist its employees as well as all contractors, clients and visitors to X-Cel Constructions Services Pty Ltd.

The full policy statement outlines the responsibilities of all parties and establishes a structural framework at workplace and organisational level, within which all parties may be included in protecting the health and safety of all employees and visitors to the workplace. The full policy can be be found in the X-Cel Construction Services Pty Ltd Corporate Manual.